Great Benefits of Using a Log Splitter


When all you want is to sink into a warm and cozy bed or couch after a long day of being out in the cold, nothing is better than getting extra warmed from a fireplace. Though sometimes, it doesn’t really matter if you are using a gas powered fireplace or the traditional ones. As long as your body can enjoy some warmth then it’s totally fine. However, you may want to improve some things in your life if you prefer to enjoy your fireplace in a traditional way.

If you have been dealing with your logs manually with an axe to fire up your fireplace then you really need our help. Gone are the days where people used to rely only on their good old axe to prepare firewood. This is due to the fact there are already better log splitters out on the market to help you out. But before we dive into the benefits of using a log splitter, let’s define first what is a log splitter and its types that you can choose from log splitter advisor.

What is a Log Splitter?

As its name suggests, a log splitter is an improved woodcutter that lets you cut through logs to make firewood or even a wooden house. Log splitters may vary in size, operation, and power source but its main goal is to help you get the job done without so much hassle. What is a Log SplitterThus, you don’t have to deal with sore muscles and back pains anymore after splitting logs with an axe in your yard.

Log splitters are specially designed to cut through different sizes of logs to give your desired size of wood. All you have to do is choose and invest in the type of log splitter you need and know how to operate one so you can finish the job faster and easier.

Types of Log Splitters

If you think that all log splitters are the same then you better read on. Here the three types of log splitters and their differences:

  1. Manual Log Splitter

This is typically smaller which makes it easier to store and is lightweight. There are manual log splitters that can be operated manually using your hand while others would require you to step on a pedal. The latter is often referred as “foot-powered” manual log splitters. Though some can be operated using hydraulics, most manual log splitters still rely on weights and manpower. However, this is still better than using an axe.

  1. Gas Log Splitter

This is typically the biggest and the best machine to use if you opt to cut and more logs that are much bigger in size. Thus, a gas log splitter is usually larger too and more expensive. It also has an engine exhaust which makes it a machine for outdoor use only. However, it requires a regular maintenance and enough supply of fuel to work, unlike other log splitters.

  1. Electric Log Splitter

This is the most popular type of log splitter which operates like the gas log splitter except the fact that it uses electricity as its power source instead of fuels. However, an electric log splitter is normally much lighter and portable than a gas splitter which makes it an ideal machine to bring anywhere you need it. Some electric log splitters operate even if placed on a bench or with a stand. Some electric log splitters can be used indoors and are much more cost-effective compared with gas log splitters.

Benefits of Using Log Splitters

  • Time-Saving

Swinging an axe to split logs manually takes a lot of time to get your desired size and number of woods. Most of the time, you need to cut a piece of log many times to cut it into your desired size. splitting logs with an axeBut with a log splitter, you just have to fit in a piece of log into the log splitter and operate it to get the job done. Whatever type of log splitter you use, you can still save more time and energy especially if you operate electric splitters and gas splitters in just one push.

  • Less Work More Woods

We all know how much energy is required to swing an axe and cut a bunch of logs into smaller pieces. In other words, splitting woods with an axe is a really exhausting job especially if you are a beginner. It takes some skills and years of experience in swinging an axe to split a log in one or two strikes. But if you use a log splitter, you can move on to another task and still have enough energy to perform at your best.

You can even split more logs into just a few minutes or hours than anyone could with an axe. All you have to do is load your splitter with logs, operate it, and pick up the pieces of woods later on. As simple as that, you don’t even have to use any special skill to get it done right.

  • Cost-effective and Eco-friendly

Log splitters may come with a price that is a little overwhelming but computing your overall cost for heating an entire house, investing on it is still more cost-effective. Instead of using expensive heaters that require more maintenance, getting a log splitter requires a one-time payment and less cost for maintenance. You can even save money on purchasing firewood which gives campers a big advantage too since purchasing firewood from independent vendors or campgrounds add more costs.

Most importantly, you can help save the mother earth as manual log splitters don’t produce chemicals or fumes. Though gas log splitters produce fumes, its impact is still smaller compared to fuel used in heating your entire house.

Final Words

At the end of the day, log splitters are way better than spending your money over and over for firewood and other sizes of wood in construction. It is also safer to operate since most log splitters will already work in just one push of a button. You don’t have to risk your physical health as well which is one of the best parts of using this kind of machine. Once you’re done using it, you just have to clean it up a little and store it.