How To Buy Your Ton Wood Splitter and Reap the Benefits of it


Wood or log splitters make splitting logs more enjoyable these days, with the convenience and competence that it extends in the workplace and even at home. While in the past the use of axe is hellish for workers because of the weight you carry on your back and the unsecured use from accidental cuts, wood splitters are like heaven’s gift.

Wood splitters are tool that vary in several ways; the question of ton capacity is one of them. There is a two-fold notion on ton log splitter. The professional grade splitter takes at least 20-ton log splitter while 2-5 ton log splitter range may suffice for personal uses. Ton capacity distinguishes the horsepower of the engine, which means that a large quantity of logs will need a much stronger engine.

How To Buy Your Ton Wood Splitter and Reap the Benefits of it

So to identify the ton log splitter perfect for you, you need to ask yourself for what is the purpose of getting one? Do you need it for personal or home use? Or do you need it to fulfill work purposes? Significantly, this will give you a better idea of what ton size or horsepower you may need. In short, the weight for every ton matters for performance standards. For instance, if you need to split wood frequently that are roughly 20” long and 16” in diameter, the lighter models of ton log splitter should be obviously avoided.

Log splitters come in different kinds and prices. A foot or hand pump splitter may range from $100 to $350; the medium splitter like electric firewood splitter may range from $400 to $1,000. Let me tell you that these models are more durable, because of the fact that they are made of heavier steel and equipped with wheels. The major advantage you get from them is that there is no need for elbow grease to operate them. The commercial types come in prices of up to $5,000 or even more, because they are designed for business purposes like in the firewood industries.

Despite the surprising expense for each kind of log splitter, this tool can really do wonders for your work at home or for your business. First is it makes firewood splitting easier; not much hard work required from any user. Second is that for forestry business, the log splitter is the basic step into wood-planking or paper-making. Since it can readily be used in the forest site, it conveniently manages preparing of woods for transportation, depending on the particular use. So it is a time-saving tool for larger purposes that  leads to more profits as well.

Apart  from the issue on time saving and convenience, a log splitter is safer to use, because of its self-lubricating and maintaining features for safety operations anytime. Whilst an axe requires regular sharpening to refrain from accumulating dullness from the dirt, a log splitter does not need one. That is how clever the log splitter is. Instead of believing that you save money from using an axe to split woods, think again. Log splitters can do the job of three men or more.