How to use a log splitter


There is no doubt and it’s a fact that splitting logs require a lot of efforts and if a proper tool and method is not used, this task can turn in to a dangerous accident causing serious injuries. A log splitter is the most appropriate tool that is capable of splitting logs efficiently and effectively. Use of a log splitter makes your job a lot easier in comparison to splitting with axes and saws. However like other tools, user must have complete know how about using a lot splitter before you begin to assemble and operate it. This page will guide you through appropriate use of log splitter for splitting process.

What is a log splitter?

A log splitter as the name suggests is a tool used for splitting large length of logs into smaller sizes and thus making those logs useful firewood and productive for other applications. This hydraulic machine includes an engine that offers the tool power for operating. Other important parts include an oil pump, oil holding tank and oil filter. Oil is stored in the tank and with the valve it is pumped to machine. Purpose of oil filter is to keep oil filtered and clean. Different types and make of log splitters are available in market and thus you need to find the best log splitter for your specific needs and requirements. Not only these machines make the job easier but it also reduces user’s physical intensive. Moreover you can get your job done with less time consumed. However in order to get all these advantages from your splitter, you should know safe and correct use of this tool.

How to use a log splitter

Determine Type of Tool:

In order to use this tool correctly, you should know what type of log splitter would be using. You can opt for a manual, electric or gas wood splitter as there are different methods of using varied types of tools.

Using a Manual Log Splitter:

With a manual log splitter, you will find a hydraulic jack located at one of the ends of splitter. This jack will be used with a welded wedge located on the other end of splitter.

  • Step 1: Secure the log by tightening the jack according to the width of your log. Locking the log would enable you to move position of cylinder.

  • Step 2: Now you need to manually pump jack and pumping jack would initiate splitting. Continue to do so until the log splits.

  • Step 3: Now that you are done with splitting log before moving to another one you need to unscrew and push cylinder back to its place in order to release for attaching another log.

Using Gas or Electric Powered Log Splitter:

For those who are using a gas or electric log splitter, the process will be completely different.

  • Step 1: For gas powered splitters, you need to make sure that the machine has sufficient amount of fuel gas for operation.

  • Step 2: Now you need to add hydraulic oil to your tool and the quantity that you need to add depends upon your specific model and work load that you will be performing in this session with your gas log splitter. For this information, you should refer to your product’s instruction manual.

  • Step 3: Now that you have everything in hand, turn the power of your splitter on in order to activate the machine.

  • Step 4: Now place and secure the log that needs to be split against the wedge of tool.

  • Step 5: Activate the process that will trigger pressure over log for splitting. This you would need to locate with different models. Usually it is a button or arm. In case of button, you need to push and if it is an arm, you need to pull it in order to apply force on log. The force applied will be used by wedge for splitting log according to your preferred size and diameter.

Safety Instructions for Use:

Before using any tool, safety must be given top priority and all factors affecting it must be taken in to account. Some important safety tips to follow include:

  • Before using any tool, safety must be given top priority and all factors affecting it must be taken in to account. Some important safety tips to follow include:
  • Before beginning to operate this tool, you must go through user manual of your log splitter. You must follow all the instructions mentioned in the manual.
  • Before splitting, you must ensure that the log is tightly secure in the position. Failing to do so can result in an accident that may cause severe injuries.
  • Tools like log splitters must be maintained well in order to get completely accurate operational performance.
  • Log splitters must be operated in a space that is open. Avoid using this tool over wet or slippery floor.
  • Operator must keep himself protected with the use of proper attire including safety eyewear and boots too. You must also protect your hands by wearing gloves. Avoid loose clothing and full sleeves.
  • Keep parts of your body along with clothing away from the blade when the tool is operational.
  • If you have someone accompanying you in the task or if there are people around you, make sure that they remain at a safe distance.
  • Collection of log must be performed when tool is not operational.
  • Many of the modern log splitters include emergency stop. Thus in case of any emergency; turn the button on and splitter will immediately stop operating.


By knowing your tool and by using correct methods of operating a log splitter you will be able to make the job of log splitting a lot simpler and easier. Fewer efforts would be required from your part in order to get the job done. Make sure to follow all the protocols for personal and equipment safety in order to get chopping of wood done properly without facing any pains or hassles.