Leaf Mulcher: Advantages & Disadvantages


When collecting loads of shredded leaves and debris in your garden/lawn becomes a complex task then it’s advisable to opt for a Leaf Mulcher. And moreover, disposing these collected leaves is a difficult task as it requires more space and large number of bags to pile them up. A gardener always wishes to keep his garden/lawn neat, tidy and healthy in seasons when trees shed their leaves.

A Leaf Mulcher will definitely ease your work as it collects the leaves, shred them and finally transferred to an attached bag. Bagging the leaves can later be mulched and used as compost. People having many trees do not need to spend hours of time cleaning the leaves or to pack them up. Using Leaf Mulcher though has some advantages they also have disadvantages.

Leaf Mulcher: Advantages & Disadvantages

Some of the advantages of the leaf mulcher:

Leaf mulchers are indeed created to ease the work of house owners and gardeners, thus below are the factors that will push you to buy a good leaf mulcher immediately.

  • One of the best advantages of using a Leaf Mulcher is to save time and effort required in collecting and disposing the leaves. It just requires a switch to ‘vacuum mode’ and the mulcher collects the shredded leaves into a disposable bag. These leaf bags attached to the Mulcher come with an option like biodegradable bags which can decompose the leaves.
  • A Leaf Mulcher also incorporates mulching function wherein the mulch produced can be further used to enrich the growth of flower beds and plants in gardens. Mulch acts as fertilizers for the plants as they are rich in nutrients (like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous) and mulching decreases the growth of weeds. The leaves collected can also be used to cover the base of trees to maintain the moisture.
  • A good Leaf Mulcher will be capable enough to collect even debris and sticks to some extent. So the user need not be anxious while cleaning their gardens with a leaf vacuum mulcher.
  • Though Gas Leaf Mulcher’s are heavy their coverage area has no limitations. But the use of Electric Leaf Mulcher’s is more powerful in their functioning and lighter when compared. Electric types are easy to store as they can be dismantled. Set up manuals are provided when used for first time.
  • A mulcher comes with adjustable speed option that helps to vary the speed in accordance with the requirement. When the mode is switched to high speed for larger fields, the task is accomplished soon and better.


Though there are lots of good aspects in a mulcher, there are still a few scopes for improvement that can be made.

  • Some of the Leaf Mulcher’s make lot of noise leading to discomforts with neighbours. Selecting a mulcher that causes less noise should be taken care while purchasing.
  • Another point to be noted is the safety precautions to be followed while using electric leaf mulcher as they produce a lot of harmful dusts. It’s sensible to wear a mask when operating with such mulcher. And one more point is it’s advisable to turn off the mulcher while cleaning it. Sometimes this may not be mentioned on the machine so reading the manual thoroughly avoids such hazards.
  • Price also becomes a major factor when opting to buy a Mulcher with many features like light-weight, noise free, speed variations and dust free. More the features more will be the cost.

In conclusion, a leaf mulcher has more useful benefits than its disadvantages. A Leaf Mulcher is time and energy efficient machines to keep the garden/lawn free of leaves and debris. Therefore, they are capable of leaves collection, shredding the leaves and finally into mulch at a quick speed. Depending on the area size one can choose a preferable mulcher from the market.