Wood has been a base of a number of domestic & commercial processes. While at homes it is used for lighting fires primarily, in industrial setups they are used for a varied range of processes including paper making, maple syrup making, commercial firewood processors and more. Upon cutting the large tree trunks with a chain saw or a saw bench, it becomes imperative to cut the pieces in smaller & desired shapes & sizes. This calls for a more précised machine that cut with perfection. To ensure that the wood logs are split in perfect shapes and size commercial establishments use gas log splitters.

First developed in Germany, log splitters are now an important part of the wood industry. It is basically used for splitting firewood from softwood or hardwood. Log splitters are classified on the basis of pressure they generate. Domestic log splitters create 10 tons and commercial hydraulic model exerts up to 25 tons of pressure. If you are considering buying a best gas log splitter here are some top models to review:


  • Swisher LSRB87528
  • Engine: 8.75 Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • Splitting Force: 28 Tons
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • North Star Gas Log Splitter
  • Engine: 270cc Honda GX270 Engine
  • Splitting Force: 37 Tons
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts Warranty
  • Ariens 917011
  • Engine: 4.5 HP Engine
  • Splitting Force: 22 Tons
  • Warranty: __ Years
  • Champion Power Equipment 92221
  • Engine: 196cc OHV Engine with Cast Iron Sleeve
  • Splitting Force: 22 Tons
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Champion Power Equipment 90720
  • Engine: 80cc Champion single cylinder, 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Splitting Force: 7 Tons
  • Warranty: 2 years



Champion Power Equipment 92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter

If you are searching for a dependable & portable gas log splitter, the Champion Power Equipment No.92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter is the best for you. The sturdy log splitter comes with a powerful body and tremendous speed for splitting logs. The splitter operates both vertically or horizontally, the user needs to adjust the machine using the pull pin. The Champion Log Splitter comes with the quality & customer service assurance of the brand. It can be used in both domestic as well as commercial set-ups and is renowned for quality results. Some more features of this log splitter include:

best gas log splitter

  • The log splitter offers 22-ton performance that makes it the best in commercial log splitter category.
  • The 4”*23” hydraulic cylinder offers the log splitter precision of work.
  • The sturdy 196cc OHV Engine enables the machine to perform heavy duty functions with great ease.
  • The log splitter comes with a towable trailer that has a 2″ ball hitch.
  • The tires of the machine are DOT approved thus offer stability & great momentum.
  • Lifetime free technical support.

Product Specification:

  • Product size: 58 inches x23.4 inches x58 inches
  • Product Weight: 396 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year Warranty


  • The machine is easy to assemble and ready to use instantly.
  • It offers ease of usage and the user can cut a variety of logs within no time.
  • The 24*7 technical support service is a great aid in case you require assistance for performing out any task.
  • It is perfect for heavy operations as the machine can cut 24”long and maximum 100 lbs logs easily.


  • When you use the log splitter, the cylinder might get hot and burn you. Ensure that you do not lean over it.
  • After too many running operations back to back, the engine might get stalled. A little pause between the operations can, however, prevent this situation.

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A sturdy machine that makes all your log splitting jobs smooth and easy, the Dirty Hand Tools 100171, 22 Ton Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter is recommended by all. It offers you instant results, thanks to its robust engine and speedy cycles. You can perform splitting of a variety of wooden logs (softwood & hardwood). The gas splitter also comes with a hands-free movement feature that allows you to prepare for the next split in time. A complete set of accessories makes using this gas log splitter even more efficient. Here are some more features that make this machine unique:

gas log splitter reviews

  • The robust gas log splitter is equipped with 6.5 HP 196 cc Kohler engine.
  • It employs 22-ton gas cylinder that accentuates its efficiency.
  • The log splitter offers Speedy cycles with maximum 10.9 seconds downtime.
  • The cylinder fitted in the machine is 4 inch in diameter and has 24 inches stroke.
  • The pump fitted in the log splitter is a highly equipped 2 stage 13-GPM pump.
  • The log splitter comes with a complete set of accessories including fenders, large log table, stroke reducer, 4-way wedge and more.

Product Specification:

  • Product size: 89 inches x 49 inches x 38 inches
  • Product Weight: 595 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year Warranty


  • You do not have to employ manual effort for splitting heavy & robust logs using this machine as it has log cradle to hold heavy logs & a log catcher to keep them in place.
  • It can be used in commercial as well as domestic setups and is easy to move because of the wheels attached.


  • The machine does not come with any hydraulic oil be prepared to buy it on your own.

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One compact & sturdy machine that is perfect for domestic & commercial purposes the Champion Power Equipment 90720 7 Ton Compact Portable Log Splitter comes at an affordable price. The robust tires of the log splitter make it easy to carry anywhere. It has an advanced splitting frequency, thanks to the skewed wedge of the machine. The tremendous gas log splitter offers 180 cycles per hour which make it highly result oriented. You can load heavy logs on this splitter and easily split them.  The reliable Champion engine enables effective functioning & results. It can be used in less accessible sites for carrying out tough jobs. Some features of the log splitter include:

gas powered log splitter for sale

  • The gas splitter has a 20-second cycle which means it rotates 180 times in an hour.
  • The efficient machine has a skewed wedge that improves the splitting ability.
  • This log splitter is a low-profile model that makes handling heavy logs easy.
  • It is a portable machine that can be traveled to any job site to carry out splitting results.
  • The machine is being fitted with a reliable 80 cc engine from Champion.

Product Specification:

  • Product size: 14 inches x 19.5 inches x 44.7 inches
  • Product Weight: 143.3 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year Warranty


  • The log splitter works well with a variety of woods including pine, cedar, oak, ash & more.
  • Easy to assemble the machine is ready after little efforts.
  • The machine is backed up with a manufacturer warranty that makes everything smooth.
  • The tires are sturdy & durable and never become flat.


  • The handle on the machine is complained to be short.
  • The machine at times gives problem in splitting hardwood.

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Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825 Gas Powered Log Splitter

If you are looking for a gas wood splitter that offers you a versatile portfolio, Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825 25 Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter is the best option. The machine is great to cut a variety of logs and operates in both vertical & horizontal position. You do not have to lift heavy logs to split them, simply switch to a horizontal position and start splitting. The gas operative engine is another great feature of the machine as it boosts the functionality and operative power of the machine. The machine can be carried to any job site because it has sturdy tires and great momentum. Some additional features if this log splitter include:

cheap gas log splitter

  • The log splitter has a 208cc Southland OHV gas engine; the engine makes its functioning smooth and swift.
  • The engine also offers the machine power to spilled heavy logs easily at most rugged conditions.
  • The log splitter is equipped with an internal oil delivery system that provides optimum lubrication to the machine.
  • The machine runs on a 17-second cycle offering more efficiency.
  • You can easily switch to a vertical or horizontal position as per the requirement.

Product Specification:

  • Product size: 29.1 inches x 18.7 inches x 75 inches
  • Product Weight: 473.6 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year Warranty


  • The position switching option comes very handily for elderly people or while cutting heavy logs.
  • The machine utilizes less oil and thus is very economical.
  • The engine is smooth, does not make much sound and sturdy enough to cut anything.


  • The machine might give some small issues but that is really not a problem comparing to its pros.

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Swisher LSRB87528 28-Ton Log Splitter

A compact & appealing gas log splitter that makes all your splitting jobs easy, the Swisher LSRB87528 28-Ton Log Splitter, 8.75 Gross Torque is a wise buying option. It is perfect for domestic use as the size is easy to store and use. The machine is recommended by many users because of its optimal performance. You can take the log splitter to anywhere and perform sturdy splitting operations. Backed with Swisher’s reliability promise the machine is durable and best choice to spend your hard earned money. Here are some additional features of this log splitter that enable it to stand out of the crowd:

gas powered log splitter reviews

  • The log splitter is befitted with a sturdy and reliable engine, it is an 8.75 Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton type.
  • The machine can be used horizontally or vertically and can weighs up to 28 Ton.
  • The vertical beam lock makes all your vertical log cutting processes safe and secure.
  • It has a direct drive which keeps the number of moving parts less.
  • The machine is rust resistant and offers versatile results.

Product Specification:

  • Product size: 39 inches x 41 inches x 88 inches
  • Product Weight: 404 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year Warranty


  • It is acclaimed as the good gas log splitter because of its efficiency and optimum use.
  • It is easy to use and consumes less oil compared to other machines.
  • The machine is great for hardwood as well as softwood.


  • The engine might turn out leaky but that could be easily replaced.

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WEN 56222 Lumberjack 22 Ton Gas-Powered Log Splitter

Unique black log splitter with extra efficiency & optimization, the WEN 56222 Lumberjack Gas-Powered Log Splitter, 22 Ton, CARB Compliant is a great ensemble. It is made for easy handling and convenient usage. This makes it perfect for all types of splitting operations (domestic & commercial). The machine is great to use in rugged conditions and deliver mighty precise results. It is a machine that saves you a lot of energy & efforts and delivers amazing results as well. The split logs are smaller and accurate in size. Some striking features of the machine include:

troy-bilt 27-ton gas log splitter

  • The machine has a 212 cc engine which make it robust and result-oriented.
  • The machine is able to Split heavy logs with maximum 14-inch diameter & 25-inch length.
  • It is befitted with a 10 GPM two-stage pump that works well to increase the efficiency of the machine.
  • The machine has a splash lubrication mechanism that accentuated its life and reliability.
  • Equipped with two tires the machine can be towed to any work site.
  • A single gallon of gas is enough to make the machine work for hours.

Product Specification:

  • Product size: 45 inches x 43 inches x 86 inches
  • Product Weight: 435.6 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year Warranty


  • The machine runs over 4 hours in one-gallon oil. This makes it really cost effective.
  • The two-year warranty ensures you have timely assistance and replacement in case a problem occurs.
  • It is very easy to transport because of the efficient tire and momentum system.


  • The machine demands two different types of oils; Hydraulic fluid and Dexron trans fluid which makes it perfect for any type of job.
  • Versatile results with no time & efforts, even a young boy can run this machine with perfection.
  • The machine misses some labels, which are essential.

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What to Look When Choosing the Best Gas Powered Log Splitter

If you are considering some heavy duty wood splitting, there is no other choice than a gas wood log splitter. But, there are many options available in the market enough to intimidate you. Comparing well before you buy any product always comes out to be advantageous. Here are some points that you need to consider while choosing the best gas splitter:

Cycle time:

The perfect gas log splitter will have a fast cycle time, this means the machine will be able to split more logs in less time. So, the first pre-requisite is to check the cycle time of the machine. This increases your productivity & efficiency.  For a benchmark, minimum 15 seconds cycle time is great for you to have an easy life.

Fuel Capacity:

You does not want to waste your time and efforts in refilling the fuel can again and again, for this you must check the fuel capacity of the machine. This will also keep your log splitter running for long and prevent unwanted interruption.

Detachable parts:

If you need a gas log splitter that is for life, you must buy one with detachable parts. This makes cleaning & maintenance an easy task as you can take out the parts and perform a deep cleaning.


One thing is clear, you are going to use your gas log splitter in most adverse conditions so having one with the sturdiest construction is a must. The machine must be rust free and made of high-quality steel or other robust metal to ensure you have it lifelong.

Working Positions:

If you are looking for a multi-purpose gas log splitter, you must check its working positions. A machine with vertical & horizontal setup system is the best as it minimizes your manual efforts. You do not have to lift heavy logs as you can easily cut them in longitudinal position.


This is the most important aspect of a gas log splitter. You must check the brand you are buying as it will decide the efficiency of the machine. Also, the machine offers minimum problems and if do, you have the brand people offering you technical support 24*7. Another advantage is that a gas log splitter with a brand is assuring to deliver best results as the brands do not take a risk in their name.


Compare the price before you buy a best gas log splitter. There are different types of efficient splitters available at different prices, so comparing them can help you buy a machine under budget.


Log splitting is an important chore of every household preparing for the winter. It is, in fact, a prime process in many industries. Without an efficient gas log splitter, log splitting can be a tiring job that takes days to finish. Hence, gas log splitters are a must. However the buying just any best quality log splitter isn’t enough, you must scour the market, compare many products and buy the best one. These products are the best in the market and assured to deliver quality results.

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