How to Choose a Fabulous log splitter on a tight budget


When you cook your food or heat your home with wood, probably you might know the effort involved in splitting the woods. The traditional axe splitter is now been replaced by the modern log splitters. It helps to split the wood into smaller chunks easily and quickly without any pain.

  • But do I get a fabulous splitter on a tight budget?

The burden that most of the people carry in their mind while buying a splitter is about getting it at a less price. And the next concern is about the quality of such splitter at that price. By considering the following factors you can choose a right splitter at your tight budget.

Fabulous log splitter on a tight budget

  • Mark your usage

The usage of the splitter is one of the key factors to determine whether to rent or to buy a new one. When you are a regular user then renting a splitter is going to increase your cost. Therefore it is better to purchase a new. Try to cut off some least important expenses and buy a new log splitter so that you will be the owner as well as save money. But if your usage is restricted to once or twice in a month then probably renting is a good idea rather than going for a new one.

  • How much are you willing to spend?

Your splitter is going to be based on your budget. So if you are on a very tight budget and you don’t require a splitter for a long period then the right choice is to rent a splitter. But, if you are a regular user and require it for a longer period of time then spend some extra money and buy a new splitter. By renting a splitter frequently you will be forced to pay a huge sum of money as rent on a long run.

  • For what purpose?

In a tight budget, the purpose of splitter determines the cost. Whether you need logs for heating the house or for cooking purpose or just for disposing of the woods should be determined. There are many websites that provide you with comparative chart regarding the wood size and the horsepower(ton) required for the same. Therefore research on the internet and choose your splitter wisely. But if you need a higher power for cutting massive woods, it is good to rent rather than buying them by spending a huge money. Buying a higher horsepower for smaller woods is going to be a waste of money.

  • Have space to store?

Before buying any splitter you must also think about the place to store them. In a tight budget if you are going to buy a splitter without considering the space to store, then you might be forced to spend extra money to build a storage house or else it is going to be damaged due to climatic conditions if left in open place. It is not possible to keep them inside your house when it is going to be bulky and heavy. Therefore if you have enough space to store then the size of the splitter is not going to be an issue.

  • Which splitter variant to choose

Splitters are available in different variances such as a gas-powered splitter, electric splitter, hydraulic splitter, manual splitter, slide hammer splitter, and etc. So which one to choose on a tight budget. Electric log splitters are cheaper when compared to a gas powered splitter. But the capacity of electric splitter ranges from only 4- 20 tons. Whereas gas powered splitter offers a capacity ranging from 8- 45 tons and above. Therefore when your required capacity ranges below 20 tons then electric splitters are the best option to choose. But when your required capacity is higher, then rent a gas powered splitter rather than buying it. Choosing an instalment option will be a very good option if such option is provided by your seller. The manual log splitter is also an affordable one on a tight budget when your required capacity is also considerably less. But you must be convinced for putting certain extra effort and time for cutting woods.

Each and every splitter has its own pros and cons. And this changes from person to person as per their requirement.