How well do Electric Log splitter work


If one have a fireplace at home, intends to remove trees from the yard or garden, then they can do it without wasting too much of time splitting the woods with axe these days. The amount of labor that someone puts in to perform this task of splitting woods manually can make him exhausted and feel wasted. So why to waste so much time and vigor when a power tool like an electric log splitter is always available for help.

General principles of working

An electrical log splitter or in general, a wood splitter works in the similar ways as someone would use it manually. Here is a short description of how it works:

How well do electric log splitter work

  • There is a hydraulic pumping system which gets into work when the machine is connected to a power source and switched on
  • The pumping system pushes the log into the blade at the mouth of the log
  • All that needs to be done here is to place the logs symmetrically in the machine
  • This ensures that the machine performs its best and provides maximum output

The working of electric log splitter

There are two different categories of that an electrical log splitter can be sectioned into like:

  • The consumer grade log splitter:

These are the simplest of power tools which are very useful and often come handy to complete house hold tasks. This small power tool can do wonders with its potential by utilizing wood in our day to day life in an undemanding way. No wonder that these best electric log splitter which can provide optimum performance by ensuring that they kept well.

Otherwise, it is a simple tool to use which needs to be plugged into an electrical supply. When the power switch is turned on together with a lever handle, the equipment starts to work. A consumer grade electronic model of this equipment sometimes comes with a set of rear wheels for easy maneuvering. These models are compact, lightweight and can easily fit into trunks of a car for transportation.

  • The Prosumer grade log splitter:

This log splitter is a heavy-duty and professional grade splitter that is definitely very durable. On an average, the machine can generate a force of 16 tons while at work! There is a lever attached to the machine with a manual startup switch. It is recommended that you go through the manufacturer’s instructions to know what procedures to follow to help it work well. These models are generally built on fixed and pivoted frames with a set of wheels on its back for maneuvering.

Horizontal and vertical log splitters

Most home owners prefer to use horizontal log splitter over the vertical ones. The horizontal splitter can be used to cut and split small pieces of wood or a few logs whereas the vertical splitter is used to handle heavy duty work. The vertical log splitter is generally used for cleaning forests as it can cut trunks from trees and remove a whole lot of debris at a time.

Maintenance and safety

A type of power tool like this is one of the simplest of the machinery unit available in the market with a very little maintenance as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow these steps to make your life easy with the power tool:

  • Make sure that lubrication of all the moveable parts is done properly
  • Remember the filter for the pump needs cleaning time to time
  • No matter how small or big the machine is it is always mandatory to wear the safety equipment before begin to work
  • Keep children and pets at a bay from your work area

You can invest in maintenance free tools that are readily available on the market, but they may prove to be little costly for a home use. It is recommended to go through the manufacturer’s instructions for safety.

As a matter of fact, it has to be mentioned that a log splitter is a great choice for those who need splitting frequently. There are no doubts about the fact that it saves time, energy and a lot of money. Installing one at your home could be a good idea and as for those who need it for professional certainly need to keep them maintained.