Task force electric log splitter manual


A manual to any machine  like a prelude to a book that gives you an idea as to what the book is all about. In the same way, a manual to machinery provides you an insight of the build of the tool, how can it be used and maintained properly to last longer.

Using an electric log splitter on a bench

Using Task force electric log splitter

The main thing that you need to know while operating a machine is about its functions. This means you need to know about its operation in an appropriate way that will help you work with efficiency and safety. After all, you will be investing in a electric wood splitter to make your life easy. These devices are quite user-friendly but you should know about them thoroughly. So :

The most useful thing would be to read about your machine from the user manual in detail

  • Know all the symbols on the machine
  • Start identifying the indicators
  • Inspect the machine before starting to spot any loose parts or leaks
  • Place yourself away from the machine while at work, out of the way in case a log jumps out while splitting
  • Insure all guards and electrical plugs and cabling are in good condition to guard you against any kind of shock
  • Most importantly split one log at a time

Boss electric log splitter

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Maintenance of log splitter

Most of these wood splitters are low maintenance machines that require little work on them. However, timely maintenance can make them work better and extend their shelf life. You can seek professional help for checking and servicing of these machines or with a little education and the users manual you can do alot of it yourself.

  • Inspecting your power tool on a regular basis and look for damage and leaks
  • Replacing damaged parts if required
  • Place the log splitter on a stable table
  • Operate with proper footing and not on a slippery floor
  • Work on it only when sober
  • Examine the log to be split for any foreign object like a nail
  • Never force the tool to over perform
  • Keep the blades debris free to ensure smooth working
  • Look for leakages if any
  • Care for your splitter as that will make it work and serve you in the best possible way

Guidelines for safe usage

This is the most important section of any manual and when it comes to a Task force electric log splitter all the more that you need to pay attention to this part. This is because it is the rugged machine that demands its users to be well prepared for the outcome. So be alert and work on your safety first:

  • Make sure the machine is unplugged before servicing
  • Do not work on it when you are fatigued
  • Never hurry while splitting wood
  • Keep your machine in a cool, dry, place
  • Do not try to clear a jammed splitter with your hands,
  • Always wear your safety gear, protect your eyes and wear safety shoes
  • If you have workers ensure that they are dressed suitably for work too and have read the manual
  • Keep children and pets out of your working area
  • Demarcate your work area

How to troubleshoot

Yes, you can make sure that your machine is working fine by looking at some of the basic things as explained earlier. Nonetheless looking deep, when troubles come your way, you may have to consider a few things like the following:

  • Look for leaks
  • Check if the blade is blunt or needs sharpening, remove any burs with a file or grinder
  • See if the pressure in the hydraulics is in equilibrium, vent screw is open when operating and closed when transporting
  • Position your machine securely before use

What is more important when we talk about a Task force electric log splitter manual is that how well is it written. In our case, we have tried to incorporate everything but in simpler words. Additionally, we have collected all that was possible from different sources to make it right for you. You can regard this as one of the best resources to consult while operating on your power tool. All you need to do is to follow these guidelines carefully to help your machine keep up for years to come.

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