SuperHandy Electric Log splitter, 14 ton Review


SuperHandy Log Splitters

Who makes SuperHandy log splitters you ask? Well, they are a new brand manufactured by Great Circle USA who have other brands under the same parent company. Like, Alphaworks, Landworks, Reelworks, Kitchener, Lubeworks, Fuelworks and Goodyear.  These brands manufacture items in the Disinfectant Fogger range, Hose reels for water or fuel, Food processing, Lubricant and fuel transfer.  Also the Outdoor range, which we are interested in, the wood chippers, log splitters, snow blowers and compactors.

14 ton Electric log splitter

Product Information

So let’s get into the product we want to know more about the 14 ton electric log splitter. What made me interested in this wood splitter was the fact it is a 14 ton as opposed to most electric log splitters that are in the range of 5 to 10 tonne with the exception of the Swisher Electric that puts out 22 ton of force but is in a different league on quality and price.

Log Splitter Specifications:

The specs of the SuperHandy 14 ton electric are it runs a 2.5 hp copper windings motor which is drawing 15 amps at a 120 volts, so this can be run on a standard circuit. (Always check your own circumstances some people do some funny things to the wiring down in the back shed) This motor is then coupled to a Bucher 2 stage Hydraulic gear pump that pushes 10.5 gpm of oil around the hydraulic circuit, the oil reservoir is nicely designed into the steel frame and has a handy dip stick to check the oil before use.

This model is a portable hand wheeling one with 8 inch transport wheels. Great for getting it out of the shed and to the back of the pickup. At a 126 Ibs you will have to get a friend to give you a hand to get it up in there, unless you are built like THE ROCK Dwayne Johnson, in which case who am I to tell you what to do! It has a 16 second cycle time to split and return, however its only putting out 65 dB of noise so you can still chat to the poor helper you brought along to pick up the wood after you had the fun of splitting it.  Please make sure you and your unwitting friend have the correct safety gear, a pair of glasses, gloves and a decent pair of boots will do the job. Also, to note this model does require you to purchase the hydraulic fluid AW32 as it does not come with.


What I like about the SuperHandy 14 ton splitter:

  • Control lever mounted on top with a decent length so you don’t have to bend so much
  • 2.5 hp motor and Bucher gear pump
  • 14 ton capacity as opposed to 5-7 ton for most electric log splitters
  • Only producing 65dB of noise
  • Electric, so no gas required or spark plugs to change
  • Starts by flicking the switch
  • Splits up to 20 inch long and 14 inch round logs


My reservations:

  • The wheels being plastic but that is not something that would stop me
  • The side wings look a little weak but time and use will decide this

The Verdict

Well, after looking over this wood splitter I believe it fits with the home use market, people who were considering a 7 ton electric log splitter but don’t think it will always split the wood they have. If your wood is a little green or has a lot of knots then I would consider this unit. Yes it is double the size in tons but not in physical size so it can still be stored away easily and transported without too much hassle. If you are interested in pricing or further specifications then you can check these out on Amazon or your preferred supplier.  Have a great day and happy log splitting.