Tips and Tricks for effective use of Leaf Mulcher


A Leaf Mulcher used to clean a lawn or a garden saves both time and energy in seasons where lot of leaves fall. It helps to keep leaves, grass clippings, sticks and other yard debris under control. They allow gathering the leaves, shredding them and finally adding them to a compost pile or place those to cover perennial beds and around shrubs as protective mulch layer that will enrich the soil.

Tips and Tricks for effective use of Leaf mulcher

Some useful tips that can be of good use while buying or using leaf mulcher:

  • Mulching leaves is necessary for the health of your garden that quickly disposes heaps of rotting leaves to vitamin-rich, organic mulch which acts as a fertilizer for a flower bed/garden. Thus, always prefer a mulcher that has an effecting mulching ration. Mulching should reduce the pile of leaves to 1/10th of its volume. The nitrogen-rich grass clippings get mixed with carbon-rich leaf particles that decompose more quickly to compost than they do when kept separately.
  • There are many ways to mulch and compost. You can either mow the leaves or pile the leaves in an undisturbed place for decomposing or shred them for quick decompose or build a container (wood/mesh-type) to compost them or toss them up into nearby woods.
  • By using leaf mulcher you can save a lot of money. Mulching saves money by using leaves as mulch, reducing the need for fertilizer. They help to maintain the soil moisture by reducing evaporation and so needs less supplement irrigation. The chances of weed germination and growth will decrease and hence the need for herbicides. Mulch buffers the soil temperature keeping warmer in winter and cooler in summer. However, adding more mulch can indeed harm the plants as they intercept sunlight and rain meant for plant’s root system. So always maintain a 2-3 inch layer around the flower-beds, trees and shrubs.
  • A basic Leaf Mulcher has three functions in general: blow, vacuum and leaf shredder working best at all situations. The variable speed built-in will be able to gather the leaves into a bag and mulch the debris into fine dust. A switch provided here will allow switching between blower and vacuum. Mulcher of this kind is best suited for home-owners who need something cheap and reliable. So always prefer to buy a three-in-one mulcher
  • Whether you need a small, electric-powered or require increased power and capability, Mulcher is available in the market that meets a variety of needs. Mulcher with blade-free cutting designs provides to turn leaves into small piles that are easier to manage. Mulcher with double-sided blade can handle even large sticks and branches.
  • Electric-Leaf Mulcher is the best suitable for smaller areas that require a long electric power cord and storage with stand. Whereas Gas Powered Mulcher is perfect for larger areas like mini-golf course, tennis court or a larger public garden and works efficiently as its portable.
  • A powerful machine can even shred large fallen branches in no time without any problems. High-power Mulcher’s will be able to gather everything that may encounter in your way. Mulcher with battery-support demands a massive-price but work longer and charges faster.

While selecting a Mulcher for your requirement and area, you should know about the following:

  • Motor specifications with min of 12amp motor power
  • Good Reduction Ratio up to 16:1 (ratio of leaf volume reduction)
  • Variable speed options
  • Switching capability between blower and vacuum
  • Powerful impellers
  • Nozzle/pipe design for small spaces

Buying a perfect Leaf Mulcher/Blower in the market is not an easy job as one should understand the features and specification before purchasing them and you need not compromise on the quality.