Things to know before buying a log splitter


Each and every one of us might have come across these wordsat least once in our lifetime. Even if you haven’t, by the time you might have understood by the two simple words “log splitter” as you are here with the need of such one. A log splitter is a must-have tool for each and every person who has long trees in their house and cook their food with the help of wood chunks.

A log splitter is a bite of machinery or tool that is being used to split wood piles of a heavy tree. It is the tool used to cut down the heavy and hefty wood into smaller chunks. It reduces the time that you spend on cutting the woods manually. In other words, the use of traditional axe for cutting down woods is being replaced by the modern log splitter. Log splitter helps to relieve you from your back pain by cutting woods.

Things to know before buying a log splitter

Run over this simple points before you buy a log splitter:

  • The first thing to be considered before procurement is about the horsepower(ton) of the log splitter. The log splitter is available in various ton ranges based on the force needed to cut the wood. Based on the logs in your woodpile, choose the right log splitter. Generally, woods like oak, poplar and etc. are harder enough so that you require an additional force to cut them off.
  • Now the question arises, how do I know the right horsepower required in the splitter to cut the woods? Online is the best place to be recommended for choosing the right horsepower. There are various websites that provide you with the charts for choosing the right one. Based on your need choose the perfect one.
  • Buying a high horsepower machine is also a waste of money as you don’t require such high force to cut your smaller woods. Therefore choose wisely.
  • Check the brand of the splitter before you order for the same. The force might vary from brand to brand. Branded splitters might give an extra life for your cutter than the other. Cheaper splitters are also available but the lifespan is very less and low-quality materials might be used which can easily be broken up.
  • Also, check whether the components of the splitter are readily available in the market. When there is any repair of cutter the alternative components can be easily changed.
  • Look up for the warranty period, so that you can pocket your expenses if any repair happens during the warranty period.
  • Check for the size of the log splitters because it ranges from heavyweight to lightweight handy tools. Based on the size of woods and force needed choose the right splitter.
  • The log splitter is operated by hydraulic, gas, electricity or the manual splitter. Manual splitter can cut only up to the certain length of wood. But electric splitters can cut a huge woods. As per your woodpile choose the splitter variant.
  • Also, check whether you have the rotating wheels for easy transportation. When the splitter is going to be heavy, you cannot carry them with your hands. Rotating wheels help you to drag them easily from one place to another place.
  • Check whether the splitter is fully made of steel which can give you a long-term use. Plastic splitters are a waste of money and do not have a greater lifespan.

Splitter can also be divided into a vertical splitter and a horizontal splitter:

Vertical splitters: They are recommended for cutting a gigantic and high volume woods.

Horizontal splitters: They can be used to cut the substantially lower volume of woods.

  • The noise is also one of the points to be noted. Every splitter creates noise. Therefore look for the right one which creates less noise and relieves you from a headache.
  • Check whether safety lock is included in the splitter. It helps the wood to stay fixed in the marked point without moving them when the force is being applied while cutting the woods.
Therefore by considering the above points choose the right log cutter wisely and make use of it.