How does an electrical log splitter works and its uses?


Looking from the decorative point of view everyone wishes to have a beautiful home that remains well maintained. Talking of which the garden area and the portico cannot be left far behind. Again if you keep the garden area good looking or the portico well decorated you can expect to get some appreciation. So why not have a power tool like the electric wood splitter to do the part of the decorative job or just to keep you warm with a brightly lit fireplace. This post will make you understand briefly the benefits of a wood or a log splitter.

electrical log splitter works

The working principle of the splitter

Now let us understand how does this splitter work in the very first place? The following discussion will give detailed information on all that like:

  • It has a hydraulic pump that is required to symmetrically place the logs near the blade
  • The logs need to be placed on the arm that is attached
  • The blade is the only rotating unit which splits the log
  • There is a lever handle that needs to be turned on to make the machine working
  • There has to be a power supply source for the tool

Types of electric log splitter

There are two types of electric log splitters which are as follows:

Consumer grade electric log splitter: These log splitters are considered the simplest of the power tool and best to be used at homes. They can split a small amount of log at a time. The machine needs to be connected to a power source for its operation and then it plugs and play. Once working it can split woods up to 12 inches in diameter.

Prosumer grade electric log splitter: These are more robust in nature and are generally used for heavy duty work and for a professional purpose like deforestation or cleaning heavy debris or uprooting a tree from its trunk. These models are generally built on fixed pivoting frames and need a separate unit for transportation.

Safety precautions while using the electric log splitter

Before operating the splitter the user needs to go through and understand the manufacturer’s instructions regarding safety. Here are some points jolted down for better understanding its safety requirements:

  • The working area should be clear of any obstruction or hindrance
  • It is advised able to keep children and pets away from that area
  • The user should have the full knowledge about the working of the splitter
  • The user should be sober and not under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • The machine should not be operated in damp atmosphere or rain
  • Daylight working is preferable
  • Do not touch any movable part of the machine especially blades
  • Do not run the machine over speed or try to move the machine in running condition
  • Consider personal protective equipment while working. Refer manufacturers manual
  • Always wear gloves to put the logs on the ram
  • Never try to remove the log stuck in the blade with bare hands

Maintenance of an electric log splitter

The electric log splitter is like any other household use electrical gadget which is quite user-friendly only if the user knows how well to use it. As it is a power tool a small mistake or human error can be fatal especially when there is a blade is involved in all this. So it becomes necessary to maintain this power tool as per the manufacturer’s instruction. Though the maintenance is very simple but one has to ensure that they can take care of it in the best possible ways. Periodic inspection of the machinery will ensure the users safety and will prevent any unwanted situation to take place. Here are some points regarding maintenance that need to be followed diligently before starting the machinery unit.

  • Always inspect all the moving parts before every operation
  • Lubricate the parts before operation
  • Check for any loose nuts or bolts that need to be tightened
  • Check the filter of the hydraulic pump
  • Check the condition of the blade
  • Check the power cord
  • Replace any mechanical part that you may suspect may have worn out
  • Consult manufacturer’s instruction manual regarding replacement of parts.

By any chance electric log splitters do not cause health hazards as there is no emission of toxic fumes as compared to gas or hydraulic splitter. So it is the user’s decision to choose a splitter that suits their requirements in the best ways.