Best Splitting Maul Review 2024

Since you’re planning to buy the best wood splitting maul, do you know that it is actually different from an axe? Apparently, a lot of people – especially those who haven’t tried to use both yet use axe and maul interchangeably. Thus, it is important to take note that the maul and axe are two different tools. Specifically, the splitting maul’s handle is straighter and longer compared with an axe. It has a heavy blade which is thicker to separate the wood easier in just one swing.

The maul is used to split the wood with the grain and effectively tear the wood fibres apart. When using a maul you focus on either driving it into the splits already in the wood rings or on bigger diameter pieces you work your way around hitting in line with the growth rings to split pieces off the outside until it gets small enough that you can split through the middle.

An axe can be used in the same way but it will tend to get stuck in the block often, the axe is better for cutting wood across the grain or splitting thin straight grained wood that is dry.

5 Best Wood Splitting Mauls

  1. Husqvarna 30″ Wooden Splitting Maul

  2. Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul 36 Inch

  3. Fiskars x27 Super Splitting Axe 36 Inch

  4. Performance Tool M7111 8-Pound Splitting Maul

  5. Wilton Tools 50836 8 lb Head

Top 10 Best Splitting Maul Reviews on the Market


Husqvarna 30″ Wooden Splitting Maul

If you are a fan of traditional tools, then this splitting maul from Husqvarna should be part of your toolbox. Its design does not only make it attractive for those customers who love the traditional look but it’s also functional. It is more lightweight compared with the most common splitting mauls that are 8 pounds. At the same time, it is longer than other splitting mauls with 30 inches length for heft.

Thus, it is easier to swing and requires less energy when splitting wood. You can even use it as a sledgehammer with its wide and flat side across the other edge. Overall this is our top pick for the best splitting maul on the market.

Best Wood Splitting Maul

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 3.5 pounds with 30 x 8.7 x 2 inches product dimension
  • Forged steel from Sweden guarantees that it is made from high-quality materials
  • 2-in-1 head makes a great tool for splitting woods or using it as a sledgehammer
  • 30 inches one-piece hickory handle allows it to withstand intense wood splitting when dealing with hardwoods
  • Smooth neck makes it easier to slide in your hands up and down while splitting logs with increased speed
  • Steel and wooden wedge makes a secure head attachment
  • Edge cover made from leather keeps its blade safe and harmless


  • Solid hardwood handle can withstand extreme wood splitting
  • Secure head attachment to the handle
  • Versatile tool with greater swing accuracy
  • Sloped diameter gives it a firmer and safer grip while splitting wood
  • Ideal weight balance between its head and handle


  • The handle lacks enough varnish finish to last for years
  • The blade’s shape and size is too small to split large hardwoods


Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul 36 Inch

When it comes to splitting mauls, this Fiskars brand is renowned for excellent quality. With consistent tests, Fiskars designed a splitting maul with a balanced quality and functionality. Available at an affordable price, this splitting maul is a great option for those customers who seek a budget-friendly product. It has extra length and similar weight that most mauls have.

Its blade also has an improved design for better penetration. Its handle has a shock-proof and vibration-proof handle that reduce the impact on your hands and body as you swing and strike a log.

Best Splitting Maul

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 10.4 pounds with 3.2 x 7.8 x 36 inches product dimension
  • Premium steel forged to concave shape for a maximum splitting capacity
  • Superior IsoCore Shock Control System limits fatigue caused by splitting woods helps you work faster and be more productive
  • Improved blade design offers a better penetration on wood to cut it into smaller pieces
  • 36 inches high-performance handle has a flare that provides an extra grip that keeps it firm and slip-proof in your hands
  • Simple yet heavy-duty construction makes this a reliable tool for regular or seasonal use


  • Longer handle and better blade geometry
  • The thermoplastic rubber handle prevents hand blistering
  • Causes less fatigue and body pain due to superior shock absorption
  • Better grip support for security even if you wear gloves
  • Built with durable steel and non-removable head


  • The protective collar is not that durable since it is made of plastic
  • A little heavy compared with other splitting mauls

Sample title

Fiskars x27 Super Splitting Axe 36 Inch

When it comes to the functionality and quality of wood splitting mauls, no two tools are the same. As a matter of fact, mauls are typically hand-made. Thus, this kind of tool construction makes them pretty unique even if they have the same size and weight. This Fiskars X27, for instance, is another tool from Fiskars that is unique in its own way.

It offers more adjustment that provides comfort to the hand every time you grip its handle and swing it. In addition, it is made from durable but lightweight materials to help you increase your accuracy with less fatigue.

Wood Splitting Maul Reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 5.85 pounds with 1.75 x 9.25 x 37.75 inches product dimension
  • Superior blade made of hardened forged steel through grinding technique to create a sharper edge
  • Blade coating allows the blade to slice through wood without getting stuck
  • Excellent weight distribution offers a maximum power-to-weight ratio that helps increase your speed and power when swinging it
  • 36 inches FiberComb handle is designed to be lightweight and stronger than steel to last for years
  • Inseparable head that insert-molded guarantees that it will not slip out no matter how intense the pressure


  • Durable and capable of cutting logs with just 1 strike
  • Lightweight and comfortable to handle without getting blisters (No Guarantees)
  • Comes with a built-in hole for hanging and hooking it on the wall in the shed
  • Easier to swing with increased speed using less effort


  • The edge may be super sharp at first but has poor impact resistance
  • Requires more power to cut through logs
  • Made for tall people at 36in handle


Performance Tool M7111 8-Pound Splitting Maul

If you need more option when it comes to budget-friendly tools, this Performance Tool should be part of your list. Available in an affordable price that is less than $50, this splitting maul is built with a pure steel head. With a sharp blade and a sledge hammer on the other side, its head has the 8 pounds of weight as the best-selling mauls.

Most importantly, its handle is made from fiberglass that can aid you even when splitting hardwoods. It can even help you finish your task in just a few strikes. Its handle also has an improved grip cushion that makes it stay firm in your hands when swinging it.

Splitting Maul Reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 8 pounds with 2.2 x 35.6 x 9.1 inches product dimension
  • Heavy-duty handle made from fiberglass is built with an anti-shock system lets you split more logs with less fatigue
  • Improved rubber cushion grip makes it slip-proof and firm in your hands when swinging
  • Durable head made from steel has a sharp edge and sledgehammer guarantees its efficiency when cutting through wood easily
  • Mirror polished head with a black matt finish gives it a nice looking design on top of its efficient performance
  • Crafted with domestic and commercial tool quality


  • Ideal for budget-seekers
  • Commercial grade and long-lasting steel head
  • Ideal for personal and commercial use
  • Super sharp steel edge can cut through large hardwoods
  • Cushions improve your control of the handle


  • The handle’s small circumference makes it harder to grip with both hands
  • Not ideal for beginners since it is a little heavy


Estwing Fireside Friend Axe – 14″ Wood Splitting Maul

Are you are looking for a splitting maul that works great for casual use while dealing with small logs? In that case, then you might want to check out this tool that is made from high-quality forged steel head. But unlike other mauls, its head and handle are forged together as one from steel to ensure its durability.

This way, you will never have to worry about its head or blade coming off from the handle. Its wedge-shaped sharp edge is also built with enough weight to help deliver a great impact on the wood. However, it can only cut through softwoods due to she shorter handle unless you have arms of steel!

fiskars splitting maul

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 4 pounds with 14.2 x 5.8 x 1.5 inches product dimension makes it perfect for casual use
  • Solid head made from forged America steel in one piece polished finish guarantees its durability and longer life-span
  • 2.275 inches hand sharpened edge that is specifically designed for splitting small and soft logs to stock firewood
  • 14 inches handle length with Blue Shock Reduction Grip reduces and shock caused by striking the wood
  • Blue Nylon Sheath covers the splitting maul’s sharp edge to make it easier and safer to carry around or store


  • Affordable and made with high-grade quality
  • Great for splitting dried logs for firewood purposes
  • Works great as a small wood splitter and as a sledgehammer
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Built with an enhanced handle sheath for better handling


  • Not designed for splitting larger logs with a bigger wedge angle
  • The handle is too short to provide more impact when swinging it


Wilton Tools 50836 8 lb Head – 36″ B.A.S.H Splitting Maul

Get ahead of the game by purchasing a splitting maul that is designed to fulfill its job properly. This tool from Wilton is simply one of the best value items that all owners of splitting mauls should see. It has a slightly above average maul head weight which at 8 pounds so you easily use it for splitting those tough logs.

Most importantly, it can cut through softwoods and hardwoods which makes it more efficient than ordinary axes. It also has an enhanced handle to keep your hold firm.

best maul for splitting firewood

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 10 pounds with 38 x 9 x 3 inches product dimension
  • 36 inches handle is built with a steel core that prevents it from breaking in two due to overstrikes
  • 8 pounds drop forged steel head has one of the most durable sledgehammers
  • Safety plate prevents its head from slipping out of the handle’s security and propelling to various directions
  • Special anti-vibe maul neck has a tapered design that eliminates the vibration cause by striking woods
  • No-Slip Grip addition made from vulcanized rubber makes sure that it will not slip


  • Lasts for years with an unbreakable handle technology
  • Remains firm and comfortable in with a slip-proof grip
  • Specially designed with proportion weight and balance
  • Allows a powerful strike to cut through soft and hardwoods
  • Guaranteed to last after 25,000 overstrikes, thats me done!


  • The textured ribs on the handle may cause hand blisters, thats why its guaranteed for 25,000 strikes!
  • Too expensive compared with its top competitors on the market


True Temper Sledge Eye Wood Super Splitter-Maul

If you are a fan of True Temper then this is another splitting maul from its brand that is well-crafted. It has the look of most traditional splitting mauls that is quite enhanced to suit the needs of today’s customers. Its head is very lightweight which makes it ideal for beginners to avoid getting worn out right away. At the same time its head’s weight is proportional to its handle that is made of a durable fiberglass core.

Thus, you can guarantee that it can handle its job efficiently without its sharp edge getting chipped due to overstrikes. Most importantly, it is easier to swing with one powerful strike.

husqvarna splitting maul

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 6 pounds with 33.5 x 7 x 2 inches full product dimension
  • 36 inches handle made of FiberPro fiberglass core to ensure its quality and ultimate strength
  • Molded polypropylene cover provides maximum protection and to ensure its longer life-span
  • 4 pounds proportion head with super sharp edge allows you to swing it with more power without a hassle
  • Replaceable and integrally molded handle guard provides better grip to keep it from slipping from your both hands
  • Lightweight design makes it an efficient splitting maul for any season, all year round


  • Designed with a proportion weight between the head and handle
  • Works great for cutting low branches and splitting well-dried logs
  • Provides a better grip and control power when holding it
  • A great option for both professional and personal wood splitting tasks


  • Does not include a cover to keep it safer to carry around
  • Too expensive for budget-seekers
  • Not ideal for dealing with dense logs


Estwing Double Bit Axe – 38 oz Wood Spitting Tool

Are you looking for a tool that can keep your body in shape without swinging a bulky and heavy maul? In that case, then this might be the tool that can solve your problem. As its name suggests, it does not have just one sharp edge but two sharp edges. Thus, some users also use this double edge axe for throwing.

However, we don’t really recommend buying this for throwing since its handle can be bent and its blades are also too thick for throwing. It requires extra care and awareness when using because swinging its short handle may accidentally hit your back or shoulder.

best splitting axe maul

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 38 ounces with 17.2 x 7.5 x 1.2 inches product dimension
  • Forged with steel construction provides it with optimum strength and durability that can withstand a lifetime of heavy duty tasks
  • Heavy duty sheath made from ballistic nylon sheath provides protection and cover to the hand-sharpened sharp edges of the maul
  • Outdoor versatility design makes it perfect for cutting woods, small trees, branches, and splitting logs for kindling
  • Patented shock reduction grip makes it comfortable to use with reduced vibration that is up to 70%
  • 100% crafted in the finest American steel


  • Very affordable and great for budget seeking customers
  • Ideal for chopping small branches and splitting soft logs for firewood
  • Safe to carry around with a durable nylon blade sheath
  • Enhanced handle stays firm in your hold which makes it easier to swing


  • The metal surface underneath its powder coating is not as smooth as it should be
  • Too small and lightweight to provide enough weight


Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul

Just when you thought you can’t find a splitting maul that has a stunning color, this Truper tool comes along. Compared with the previous tools above, this splitting maul has an impressive head that weighs 12 pounds. Though it is no doubt on the heavy side, it is actually great for experienced users who are used to swinging such weight.

Despite its bold and unique look together with its color, you shouldn’t underestimate its performance. Its head has a sharp blade that is thick and sharp enough to penetrate through various kinds of dense logs. Its handle also has a thick handle that absorbs shock and prevents aching hands.

fiskars splitting maul reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 15.04 pounds with 7 x 4 x 30 inches product dimension
  • 12 pounds drop forged round maul unique face with a bevel edge to ensure its efficiency when cutting through woods
  • Blunt side of the maul’s head makes a great hammer for driving stakes and wedges
  • 27 inches handle made from steel is specifically designed for heavy duty works even when used during winter
  • Comfortable rubber handle guard provides protection against shock and vibration that causes fatigue to the body when striking woods
  • High-quality construction that exceeds ASME Standard B107.54M


  • The blunt side can be used as a sledgehammer
  • Works great for splitting soft and tough woods without so much hassle
  • An efficient tool for its price and extra thick rubber handle
  • Recommended for experienced users


  • Too heavy and cumbersome to use for first-timers
  • The rubber guard may breakdown easily which makes it uncomfortable to hold


1844 Helko Werk Germany Classic Scandinavian Splitting Axe

Designed with a traditional look, this tool is a great pick if you are looking for something not too fancy. It has the traditional handle that is made from wood that is polished to perfection and lathered with oil. Its sharp edge is forged and well-treated to achieve its solid construction before being stamped with its brand’s logo.

Between its 5.5 pounds head and its wooden handle, you can easily lift and swing this splitting axe like a pro. You can even keep it looking nice and shiny after using it by simply treating it with its special oil. Its head is also rust-resistant which is a plus point.

6 pound splitting maul

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 8 pounds with 31 x 9 x 1.8 inches product dimension
  • 5.5 pounds handmade head made from heat treated, oil- hardened, and drop forged German C50 the finest carbon steel
  • Polished head to achieve its highly reflective finish and crown hammered into cheek to ensure its aesthetic appeal
  • 53-56 head HRC – Rockwell Hardness guarantees its durability and efficiency to cut through wood
  • 31 inches handle length crafted with sustainability sourced Grade A – American hickory
  • 150 grit smooth sanded and boiled linseed oil finish on the handle
  • Vegetable tanned sheath made from leather


  • Ideal for both beginners and experts
  • Includes 1 ounce of Axe-Guard protective oil in a bottle
  • Easy to store by hanging in on the hardwood edge and notched steel ring wedge
  • The handle is specifically chosen for its grain orientation, thickness, and strength


  • Too expensive compared with its competitors
  • Some users experience complain about its head coming loose after a lot of use


How to Choose the Best Wood Splitting Maul

Basically, a splitting maul is a simple but handy tool that is used in splitting logs. It can be used on different sizes of logs to make a fine firewood stock for winter. If you want, you can also use the splitting maul to prepare smaller pieces of firewood for cooking. Regardless, you can’t just pick the first splitting maul that you see on the market. Unless you want to waste money on a low-quality maul, here are some things to take note when choosing the best splitting maul:

good splitting maul

  • Head

Basically, this is the most important part of the splitting maul as it is the one that does the job. Of course, this includes the force that you put into the handle and head of the maul. Regardless, the head should be made from high-quality materials to ensure the efficiency of the maul. At the same time, the head’s weight and the amount of force that you put into the tool should be proportional.

This way, you can use the tool and let its weight increase the tool’s speed and force when striking the log. You can also reduce the amount of energy you use each time you swing the maul. This is a plus point especially if you still have tons of logs to split on top of your to-do list. In this case, you can choose from splitting mauls that weigh from 4 pounds up to 12 pounds.

  • Handle

Believe it or not, some customers don’t prefer wearing gloves when splitting wood, no matter how weird that sounds. They feel like the gloves would just cause the handle to slip from their hands. A decent splitting maul handle should be efficient enough to help you get a good grip even without gloves. At the same time, its straight handle should slide from your hands flawlessly as you strike your log.

Of course, your maul’s handle should not give you friction burns or splinters either since that would affect your productivity. Traditional handles are made from wood but some manufacturers now use composite materials and fiberglass which are lighter. However, most maul handles that are made from composite materials and fiberglass can’t be replaced as the head.

It’s because these materials bond the handle and head together unlike traditional mauls with a wooden handle that can be replaced with a newly fitted handle. Most importantly, the design of traditional wooden handles can be customized to fit your needs better.

  • Quality

Between the head and the handle, make sure that these two are built with high-quality materials. When it comes to the head, the quality of the steel can affect the efficiency and longevity of the maul. You should also check how the head is fitted into the handle as you don’t want it to accidentally propel somewhere. It’s also worth checking if the handle and head can last for years without breaking or deteriorating right away.

Most importantly, checking this can help you find a splitting maul that doesn’t require regular sharpening which is a time-saver. The quality also affects the cost which is why some of the best splitting mauls are quite expensive. Regardless, a good wood splitting maul can still be affordable with all the qualities you need.


While some think that all high-grade products are always costly, there’s actually a way to get an affordable one. Going back to what the product reviews about, you can actually buy the best splitting maul for as low as $35.97. For a handy tool that is made from quality materials, it’s a great price for customers with a small budget.

This way, you can already get the right tool that you need without breaking the bank. If you prefer other splitting mauls that are not included in this list, always take note of our buying guide. Regardless of the maul’s price, always put its functionality first.