Assistance from Speeco 5 ton electric log splitter manual


This manual to a heavy duty electric log splitter is an effort that is the outcome of our hard work and we have tried to jolt down as much necessary information as we can into this. This is a sincere attempt to help all those who want to understand all about a log splitter by Speeco.

Speeco 5 ton

The Speeco 5 ton electric log splitter manual is an earnest trial that would equip you with the understanding knowledge and procedures operating a power tool like this. Read on to know more.

How to use Speeco 5 ton electric log splitter manual

First, of it has to be explained that this 5-ton electric log splitter is a robust power tool to use. It should be used wisely and certain precautions need to be taken while using this machine. It is a user- friendly device and one needs to keep these few things in mind for safety and also for ensuring optimum use of the equipment:

  • Reading the user manual to check all important instructions.
  • Keep all people away from the work area
  • Make sure that only the operator is working near the splitter
  • Understand what the indicators and symbols are all about
  • Do not touch the rotating parts
  • Never remove stuck log with bare hands
  • Take guard against shock
  • Never operate the machine under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Split one log once at time
  • Never use the wood splitter for any other purpose except to split woods
  • Don’t forget to unplug the equipment when the work is overs

Maintenance of this wood splitter

Well, this 5-ton wood splitter needs minimal maintenance as it is manufactured with state of the art technique. Here are some points which need to be taken care before and during the operation of the machinery for your own safety:

  • Never operate the tool in poor mechanical conditions
  • Replacement of all faulty parts is necessary to avoid accidents
  • Periodically check all the moving parts
  • Never tamper with the motor or any hydraulic unit
  • Always check the level of hydraulic oil before operation
  • Always unplug the power cable before carrying out any maintenance or repair.

Safety guidelines

While using the electric log splitter you need to keep in mind and follow some safety measures. Safe working conditions can actually make your work easy and that has been clearly mentioned in this Speeco 5 ton electric log splitter manual like:

  • Do not switch on the machine and leave it unattended
  • Create a work area and keep everyone out of this place especially children and pets
  • Be sober while working
  • Take your time to split wood and don’t be in a hurry
  • Place one log at a time
  • Avoid exposing tools to moisture laden atmosphere or rain
  • Wear safety gear and shoes as a protective clothing
  • Use of safety equipment can make a lot of difference
  • Keep your hands clear while operating his tool
  • Never force your machine to run over speed than the set limit
  • Do not try to remove logs that get stuck with your hand or touch any rotational part
  • Always switch off the machine after use


This is another area that needs special attention the owner of a power tool must know how to move around with this splitter safely. Yes, there are certain points you must be vigilant about while using this machine. A good manual must discuss all these points and that is exactly what we are doing in Speeco 5 ton electric log splitter manual. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind during transportation of the machinery.

  • Never move the machine in running condition
  • Do not allow anyone to sit or rest on your machine
  • Do not carry cargo or wood or any rubble on your machine
  • Be careful when moving the splitter on a rough terrain
  • Always keep the splitter upright

Well, this Speeco 5 ton electric log splitter manual has covered all the possible points of taking care, using and transporting of your machine in an abridged way. These user manuals are quite easy to understand but things may get little confusing at times. Nonetheless comprehending the needs and usage of your machine will extend its life without a doubt.