Yardworks 5 ton electric log splitter manual


As a prologue to a book divides it into sections, just like a manual to a machine describes its important parts and functions in an organized way. A manual usually provides all the necessary information about a machine like how to operate, maintenance and safety precautions. Of course, there could be more details to it which are why a manual can be of great use for its owners. The Yardworks 5 ton electric log splitter manual is no exception to this rule as it contains some vital particulars about all Yardworks machines in general.

Yardworks 5 ton electric log splitter

How to use the Yardworks 5 ton electric log splitter

The most important fact that you need to know about Yardworks machines is how do they work. What holds an equal imperative is how to use the machine safely? Here is a solution to all that you need to know about these power tools from Yardworks:

  • Read your manual carefully as that is key to your success
  • Get an idea about all the markings signs and stickers on the machine and what the mean
  • Find out what the indicators are saying
  • Most importantly keep the machine near to ground connection because of insulation
  • Keep yourself guarded against any kind of shock
  • Always split one log at a time
  • Do not try to remove a log that gets stuck in the machine with your hands

Maintenance of Yardworks electric log splitter

A Yardworks log splitter is a low maintenance product, but yes you need to be watchful over certain aspects to keep it working. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your machine and also help you get the most out of these machines. Below discussed are a few pointers that will make assist you.

  • Examine your machine for any damaged caused by the logs
  • Do not make the log splitter overwork
  • Replace damaged pieces as soon as possible
  • Keep the blades free of rubble
  • Avoid wearing jewelry while working on it
  • Make sure that you are operating on an even surface and not on a slippery floor
  • Keep your work area clean to ensure that you work in a tidy environment

Safety guidelines for Yardworks electric splitters

This is another fundamental of a Yardworks 5 ton electric log splitter manual. Yes, safety comes first, especially when you are working with a power tool like this one. Keep a few things in mind like:

Man Splitting a big log on an electric splitter

  • Wearing protective gear, shoes and eye wear while working on a wood splitter
  • If you are working with others then make sure that they also stay protected
  • Do not overreach
  • Store your splitter in a cool and dry place
  • Never expose them to extreme climate
  • Never work on a splitter while turned on
  • Create your work area and mark it out
  • Keep children and pets away from this area
  • Always check if the power is turned off before servicing

Check for problems on your wood splitter

You may only comprehend if there is a problem with your electric log splitter if you start reading about it from the manual. Unless you do so you will not be able to identify minor problems that you can fix on your own. Some problems that you can try to solve are like:

  • Leakage in the system if any,
  • Keep the hydraulics balanced by opening the air bleed screw while operating and closing when transporting
  • Look if the log splitter wedge is blunt and needs sharpening
  • Ensure the machine is set up on a flat surface and if stable

We have tried to collect all the information that was available to write a legitimate Yardworks 5 ton electric log splitter manual that would help its users in the best possible ways. There are no doubts about the fact that this is a great tool and that using one can save your time and effort in the long run. However maintaining it and following safety precautions can make your life easier.