Swisher 34 Ton LS12534H12V Reviews


Log splitters are powerful machines that make our log cutting experience easier. A yard is imperative to relax with family and friends and have a good time. For your yard to look beautiful you may require a best firewood splitter to cut those trees you no longer want hanging over your head. In our experience, the Swisher 34 Ton LS12534H12V did a great job with all the varied tasks we put it through. Most customers praise the Swisher log splitter for its ease in splitting through hard trees such as Oak trees with its 34 ton log splitting force. It can easily turn logs into firewood with its fast 22 second cycle time. This log splitter has an electric start and is road tow-able.

Our Reviews:

The swisher 34 ton log splitter is a gas log splitter that can either be utilized vertically or horizontally. It is a strong and powerful log splitter that is easily assembled and it does not slow down or stop once one starts cutting through wood therefore saving a lot of time. This Swisher 34 ton log splitter is an American creation and it is also assembled in America but only the hydraulic pump is made in China. The splitter comes either as a 27 ton splitter or as a 34 ton splitter with a minimal price difference between them. Its price ranges from $1899 to $2094 depending on the outlet.

Swisher 34 Ton LS12534H12V Reviews

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It starts up easily in cold weather because it has an exclusive cold weather clutch and it further proceeds to work well in the cold. The Swisher 34 ton log splitter is very easy to assemble through clear instructions in the manual and it is very convenient to use in any position whether vertical or horizontal. This log splitter is easy to transport and it’s very powerful with great features and a good size.

Swisher 34 Ton Log Splitter Features:

  • A 12.5 HP powerful Briggs and Stratton engine.
  • An exclusive clutch drive that enables it to start easily in cold weather.
  • 9 gallon hydraulic oil capacity.
  • 12 volt electric start therefore excluding the need for a rope.
  • Horizontal and vertical positions.
  • Road towable.
  • Heavy duty 2 stage pump.
  • 2 year limited warranty.


  • With using the Swisher 34 ton log splitter include its massive gas consumption; most customers agree that the gas consumption could be better.


  • Its engine also produces a lot of noise compared to some other log splitters.
  • One other problem that has been noted through customer complaints is that its hydraulic gas cylinder has leaked hydraulic oil in some instances.


This log splitter has more cons than pros and the leaking hydraulic cylinders may not be the case for many people because there are those that praise its durability. It is also pocket friendly in comparison to some other log splitters and it’s ability to split wood smoothly in cold weather gives it an advantage. I would say that the Swisher 34 ton log splitter is a good bargain because in the end every machine has its pros and cons, what you have to consider is whether the pros cancel out the cons and make your decision about purchasing the item.

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