Black & Decker BV5600 High Performance Review


An amazing product that is worth every coin spent:

Every house owner or gardener would have their worst time is clearing the debris and the leaves that are spread all over the yard, sidewalks, pavements and everywhere else. You would really needed something that would help you in cleaning this up quickly and efficiently. Few chose to work manually, by hand removing the dried leaves and debris or use a portable vacuum cleaners that are used for home cleaning. Yet, it may not change your yard or garden much, it will still choose to remain untidy. While you are looking for something awesome that could clean your yard, we would like to introduce you to this amazing vacuum mulcher from Black and Decker which migh thelp you to solve your problems.

Black & Decker BV5600 High Performance Review

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The day you decide to buy Black & Decker BV5600 model of leaf mulcher, things will turn lot easier. You will be able to clear all the lawn debris and dried leaves within 30 minutes. It will reduce your work to maximum making my yard look neat and tidy. We had to go through all the customer reviews and feedback before choosing this item to suggest for your purchase. We are aware that nobody would like to take the risk of buying something that is not worth it.

With the detailed demonstration that we undertook, we would like to share a brief feedback about the product so that it is beneficial for anybody who is willing to buy this product.

  • Three-in-one functioning tool:

The equipment consists of three functions such as blower, vacuum and mulcher comprised in one making it easier to handle and ensuring amazing efficiency. The mulcher has a blower speed of 250 mph which is powerful enough to loosen any thick debris or wet leaves that are stuck in the sidewalks and pavement, making it easier to mulch. An effective vacuum that takes in all types of debris and dried leaves within minutes and an excellent mulcher that can mulch any debris with ease. It is great equipment that enables the work to go easier and smoother.

  • A high performance metal fan:

You would have no worries about the clogging of the debris and hard objects during the process of mulching. Because, the metal fan avoids all of it ensuring an effective mulching and grinding process.

  • Amazing mulching ratio:

We were amazed with the conversion rate of this product from the debris to the final compost. It can easily convert a whopping 16 bags of debris and dried leaves into one whole bag of nutrients which could be used in the garden and yard for the benefit of the yard health. It is a heavy-duty vacuum mulchers that is suited for all types of debris.

  • Electrically operated with ease:

The mulcher takes in electricity as the power resource. Some buyers don’t prefer battery operated because it requires frequent changing or charging of batteries. Thus, equipment that uses electricity can provide long term functioning guarantee. The product comes with the built – in retainer of the electric cord to keep the electrical extensions plugged for an easy and uninterrupted use.

  • Easy switching of the functions:

The functions of vacuum, mulching and blowing can be changed using an easy lever. You can immediately gain access to any functions that you are looking for without the use of any additional tools.


We would like to say that the vacuum mulchers are indeed beneficial for anyone in the society who owns a lawn. For this amazing product we would like to give a five on five rating, making it one the most sought out product in the market.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon