GreenWorks 24022 12 Amp Corded 2 Speed Blower/Vac Review


An excellent leaf vacuum mulcher:

For the people who has passion for gardening should always make sure that they have a good yard area around the house. But it does not end here, it also includes cleaning the garden and clearing the debris which will turn your excitement into a nightmare. This will soon be resolved if you decide on buying “Green Works 24022 Mulcher” considering our suggestion. The cleaning and clearing of the lawn area and garden have become really easy with the new equipment and you can rely completely on it.

GreenWorks 24022 Review

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The product will definitely suit your needs well and the configuration of equipment is sufficient for the amount of debris in a medium sized yard. It is indeed an excellent product and below is the detailed briefing of its functions that made us shower the praises so that it will be beneficial for all the house owners who are still struggling to clear their garden debris.

  • Amazing performance with maximum power:

The equipment comes with 12 Amps of powerful motor that helps in excellent performance with the needed efficiency. It has a great power to suck or blow every debris that comes your way.

  • All in one Mulcher:

It has both the functions of blower and the vacuum helping with an easy and stress free work. The blower mode can be changed to the vacuum mode by just one push and pull button. You just have to install the vacuum tube which is a kid’s play. The blower has a wind speed of approximately 235 MPH that can blow up any dust or loosed any debris that are stuck to the sideways and yards and 375 CFM of vacuum speed sucks all the leaves and debris very quickly.

  • Excellent conversion ratio:

The Mulcher has an amazing conversion rate. It indeed can convert close to 10 bags of dried leaves into a single compost bag which was really beneficial for the nutrient count of my garden. It clears the yard quickly keeping it spotless.

  • Superb quality and easy to handle:

It comes from the trusted brand Greenworks who are manufacturing the products that supports in zero carbon footprint. Indeed, the mulcher does not emit any gas into the open which makes it an excellent product of purchase. The product has an excellent quality and comes with a warranty of 4 years from the manufacturers. So you can consider the yard cleaning task to be stress free for 4 year and more.

The Mulcher is superbly light-weighted and can be easily carried all across the yard. It is compact and is easy to hold which will help you finish your work comfortably. It weights around 9.3 pounds which can be easily handled without any pain.

  • Uses electricity as power source:

No battery required or frequent tensions of its charging and changing is not for this product. It works amazing with electricity plug in assisting in continuous use as far as the electricity is in flow. It can be connected to an extension cord so that it can be easily carried all around the yard.

  • Improvement opportunities for the manufacturers:

The common problem with the bags is that they tear out easily. It is not durable and the zipper is not efficient enough to work for longer duration. Usually most of the blower bags has this problem but still it is something that needs to be looked at. Instead, the bags should be made of good materials that lasts for longer duration helping the customer with an easy maintenance.


We would like to conclude by giving a good rating of 4 for the product which does an amazing job and indeed makes your work easier. If the vacuum bag was a little better, our experts would have surely given a thumbs up of 5 for the product.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon