Troy-Bilt LS 27 Reviews


A well kept yard brings a feeling of satisfaction and a sense of beauty to the owner. If you have neglected your lawn for a while, it might be time to cut down those trees, trim those hedges, cut the long grass and simply ensure that you have a beautiful yard where you and your family can relax. To carry out these activities you will require yard tools, one of which is the Troy Bilt LS 27 which is a 27 ton gas log splitter that can easily make a stack of wood from trees. The Troy Bilt LS 27 log splitter has amazing features that will ease the work of any gardener or woodworker. It can split just about any log with it’s powerful dependable engine that easily starts and runs quietly.

Our Reviews:

This log splitter is powerful enough to split hardwood with ease. It’s durable, it has dent resistant polymer fenders and it therefore ensures that crude is kept off your splitter. It comes pre assembled and so all you have to do is add oil and you are ready to start without wasting time. The log splitter comes with a tow behind the splitter and it has a jack stand included which makes it easier to move the split wood.

Troy-Bilt LS 27 Reviews

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Troy Bilt LS 27 log splitter has a cycle time of 19 seconds which is a practical cycle speed; it easily changes from vertical to horizontal orientation for cutting through wood. One other thing that stands out about the LS 27 is the fact that it utilizes a minimal amount of gas, which means that it is eventually pocket friendly. This machine also has a 25 inch log capacity and a 3 gallon hydraulic reservoir which reduces time taken to fill it up again.

The gas powered log splitter is quite amazing; I admit, but like all other machines it has to be carefully maintained by not running it for long hours. It may only slow down if run for long hours and we all know that is a recipe for disaster when dealing with any machine. It also comes with its cons; after all there is nothing that does not have a few disadvantages. For the Troy Bilt LS 27 it is that some of the plastic material that houses the machine may not last as long, they can crack or develop small holes but that does not impair the efficiency of this machine.

Features and Specifications:

  • A cast iron wedge that is replaceable and sharpen able
  • 27 ton RAM pressure
  • Has a Honda OHV/OHC engine
  • Coil wrapped hoses
  • Accessories include the tow hitch and jack stand
  • Has a 16 inch by 4.8 inch wheel size
  • 25 inch log capacity


The Troy Bilt LS 27 is easily portable and it comes with a 2-year warranty. The price of this machine varies depending on how many Cubic Centimeters (cc) the engine is. The higher the cc the higher the price, the cubic centimeters available for this machine are 160cc and 208 cc with prices ranging from $1340 to $1760 however, with the features available you are sure to get value for your money.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon