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The Steele Products SP-LS22 is the perfect log splitter for both home and commercial use. Although we find it hard to believe that such a powerful piece of machinery would fine a home within a traditional home environment, it’s always possible. Anyway, it’s a gas powered log splitter with 22 ton capacity, which is more than big enough for absolutely anything.

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It has a 6.5 horsepower engine which gives it the quick, rapid, powerful speeds that it needs to get through the logs. With a 2 GPM and 19 seconds stroke time, the log splitter really excels in what it does best. It has both a vertical and horizontal position and is Non-CARD compliant. As with anything, we managed to get our hands on the Steele Products SP-LS22 and give it a try. The retail price for this log splitter falls just under $1,320 – so it’s completely affordable for any commercial business environment and falls within the mid-price section.

Steele Products SP-LS22 Review

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Upon trying the Steele Products SP-LS22 22-Ton gas powered log splitter, we found that it actually manages to cut through, and split the logs extremely quickly. It works diligently, and the sound of it just sounds durable and high-quality. With some log splitters, you find that the sound just doesn’t feel or sound powerful enough. With the SP-LS22, you know it’s going to work extremely well from the moment you turn it on. The fact that you can twist this log splitter into Vertical mode is great, because you won’t have to lift the logs at all in order to get them cut. Once split, you can switch it back to horizontal mode and split the logs again.


  • Log splitter is gas powered
  • Capacity of 22 tons
  • Positioning is vertical and horizontal
  • 19 second stroke time, 2 GPM
  • Can split logs up to 24 inches long and 12 inches in diameter
  • Towable – Max speed of 30 miles per hour


  • Features a strong 6.5 HP Engine that can effortlessly push the 22 Ton Pump.
  • This log splitter by Steele Products offers a TON of power.
  • The 6.5 horsepower engine can handle many log sizes! Not only does it cut logs with lots of strength, but it also splits them extremely quickly.
  • The SP-LS22 is tow-able so it’s easy to travel to any job site that requires some serious wood work.


  • Non-CARB compliant – check your states requirements.


We couldn’t find anything wrong with the Steele Products SP-LS22. It does exactly as it describes. The SP-LS22 splits all logs, large and small, and it does it extremely well.

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