Earthquake 14267 Chipper Shredder Review


A quick and smooth chipper and shredder:

Autumn has already begun and leaves are all over your yard. Are you looking for an amazing mulcher or shredder machine for your yard? Then why wait? Go ahead and purchase the “Earthquake 14267 Chipper Shredder” that comes with 212cc 4-cycle viper Engine. It is a great machine that chips the materials into fine usable mulch that is nutritional in nature. This best chipper shredder has been receiving positive reviews from the customer as per the manufacturers thus, we decided to work on it and walk you through its functions.

Petrol chipper and shredder on wheels

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Features of the equipment:

The Earthquake 14267 Chipper Shredder comes with the Viper Engines which makes it an amazing equipment. It has powerful mulching knives and hammers that chips the yard materials and lawn debris into the finest mulch. It looks like a portable lawn mower but does an amazing job that is incomparable from the lawn mower. It comes with a powerful and durable engine with is well suited for the chipping anything and everything without the engine giving up.


  • The engines are the best part of the machine, it comes with the warranty and tested for durability. Thus, you can depend on the machine for a longer time.
  • It has a great mulching or shredding ratio. The chipper shredder can convert 20 bags of lawn debris into 1 bag of mulch which is the best compared to any other mulchers.
  • The shredder comes with dual bushel bags which is very helpful.
  • The chipper shredder has the facility of attaching vacuum or blower onto the machine so that you can also vacuum the dried leaves and shred them using the shredder helping you with the great yard cleaning.
  • The shredding time is quick and accurate. The shredder can shred anything including twigs, branches, and sharp pricking objects into fine mulch.
  • It is a non-movable equipment so, you can find a good place for it to stay and work so that you don’t have to worry about its storage space.


  • The machine is not recommendable if you hate noise because it really makes a lot of noise while shredding. The shredding blade creates an unpleasant noise while shredding.
  • The product is only a chipper shredder, thus if you want to work on vacuum and blower then you have to buy it additionally. Don’t expect that this product will help you clean the yard, but yes it will help in the soil fertility by giving you nutritious mulch.
  • You have to break down the lawn debris into tiny 3 inches piece so that it goes into the shredder for shredding and mulching. Thus, it is not suitable for long branches. The debris has to go straight through the chippers, if it has twisty shapes then it might be difficult to shred them.
  • The chipper when works sends out the mulches in the exhaust and also flies off the little chips off the shredder which might come straight to your eyes.


The Earthquake 14267 chipper Shredder is an amazing equipment that has amazing power and durability. If you are looking for nutritional usable mulches for your yard health then you can lay your bet on this equipment. If you are looking for a simple yard cleaning by vacuuming your small and medium length lawn then you can purchase a portable mulcher and vacuum. We would like to rate the product with 4 on 5 stars because of its performance and neat work.

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