The manufacturers of the Powerhorse Horizontal Dual Split Splitter came up with a unique way to double their unit’s output without passing costs off to the consumer; this horizontal unit increases speed and efficiency by using a double-edge maul to split your logs in both directions. When you use the unit, you waste less time splitting your logs into manageable pieces. When compared to other log splitters, you’re able to get twice the output in half the time.

We really like this splitter’s double-edge maul, but we also like the fact that it comes with a powerful 208 cc engine that gives you 20 tons of splitting power. With this kind of hydraulic power, you never have to worry about what kind of wood you are putting into your machine. The Powerhorse easily splits seasoned and unseasoned wood without missing a beat. This unit was designed for power and efficiency, and the manufacturer managed to do this without increasing prices.

Powerhorse Horizontal Dual Split Gas Log Splitter

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This unit is very affordable when compared to other units that can keep up with its output levels, but this doesn’t mean that it’s made of cheap materials. The Powerhorse uses a cast iron sleeve, a forged crankshaft and dual ball bearings to power its way through tough logs. The unit can handle wood that is up to 25 x 16 inches, and it does this with a cycle time of seven seconds.

The Powerhorse is on the cutting edge of splitting technology, and it is one of the most productive splitters on the market today. It’s a compact, powerful and innovative unit that is perfect for people who want a top-of-the-line unit at a low price.


The log cradle on this unit isn’t as big as some other units, so you have to keep an eye on your logs to make sure that they don’t fall off of it. It’s not a huge problem, but you’re going to need to watch your logs when they are being split; you don’t want them rolling off of the table onto your foot.


  • Measures 61 x 39 x 36 inches; horizontal splitter
  • 4 x 24 inch cylinder
  • Steel wedge; cycle time of seven seconds
  • OVH 208 cc engine
  • Low oil shutdown mechanism for safety
  • Automatic cylinder return; can split going both directions
  • Barnes two-stage hydraulic pump
  • Two-inch ball coupler and wheels for easy transport
  • Jack stand and log cradle included


The Powerhorse is a compact unit that can split tough wood quickly. If you have a large pile or a cord of wood, you shouldn’t have a problem getting through it in under an hour; the unit has a seven second cycle time, and it can split wood going both directions, so the unit can split wood as fast as you can get it into the cradle.

The unit is pretty heavy, but the wheels make it fairly easy to move around; depending on your strength, you may need more than one person to move it. The unit starts up quickly, and it has single-hand controls that allow you to split your logs without fiddling with complicated controls; this makes the splitting process faster and more efficient.

Some horizontal log splitters are tough on the back, but this unit is the perfect height for working without hunching over. After a long day of splitting, your back is going to thank you for not hunching over every single time you need to move a heavy log. We really like this; the manufacturer thought of everything when producing this unit. It’s fast, powerful, innovative and comfortable to use.

The Powerhorse is made of durable cast iron materials, so you can use it anywhere without having to worry about breaking it. The machine can take a lot of abuse, so it will function in all types of conditions without slowing down. When you buy this machine, you can feel confident knowing that it’s always going to work; it can easily get through any type of wood that you put in the chamber.


Before you start your splitter, you need to make sure that it is secure. Block the wheels, and make sure that the tow-bar leg is locked in the DOWN position; this prevents the unit from slipping and sliding during the splitting process.

When your unit is locked down and secure, start the engine. Load a log onto the beam between the unit’s wedge and endplate; we like to put the cut edge of the log against the endplate for greater stability.

The cool thing about this unit is its double-edge wedge. It’s capable of splitting wood on both the extension and retraction stroke, so you don’t have to worry where the wedge is on the unit; it’s always ready to go.

When your log is in the correct position, you simply move the unit’s Split Control Lever in the direction that you want it to go. Remember, this splitter is made to split with the log’s grain; you never want to split a log against the grain. If you split a log against the grain, it may shatter, and the flying wood can cause injury.

When your log is split, you simply release the lever, remove the old log and put your new log on the unit.

How Do You Care For The Powerhorse Horizontal Dual Split Unit?

It’s important to always inspect your splitter before you use it, but you always need to remember to shut off the engine, disconnect the spark plug and depressurize the unit before any maintenance, cleaning or repairs. You can relieve the unit’s pressure by moving the Split Control Lever back and forth until the hydraulic arm stops moving.

Always remove debris from the engine and muffler before starting the unit. If you let debris build up on a hot engine, it can cause a fire, so you need to clean the unit after every use. Always check your fuel, oil and hydraulic levels, and check for leaks before you use the unit. We like to check all the nuts and bolts on the unit before we use it as well; if you notice that anything is loose, tighten it up before you turn the unit on.


The Powerhorse is an innovative unit that uses dual-split technology to power through tough wood twice as fast as other units, and it does this without gouging the consumer on price. We really like this affordable unit, and we’d gladly pay more for it; its seven-second cycle time is extremely fast, and its 20 tons of splitting power means that it can split the toughest of logs with ease. This high-quality unit uses cast iron materials, hydraulics and a smart design to make log splitting fast and easy, and this makes it one of the best deals on the market today.

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